Rendered Photography

What is 'Rendered Photography'?  Photographic Art has changed dramatically over the years.   There are those that do not consider the art to be anything other than the shot from a 35 mm camera, developed by the photographer himself.  However today, the digital world has opened the door to Photographic Art with endless dimensions and features.  The artist still has to take the right photograph--but now he can sculpt it so to speak and fine tune it.  It takes alot of skill and expertise to do this with unique creativity.

  First I take the photograph as you see here with a digital camera.

Downloading the image onto my computer, I then use software programs to add the artists touch.  I may either touch up, brighten, cut out unwanted sections--such as in this photograph--the car in the right lower corner.


The North End,

Boston, MA



Original Photograph


I will recolor or resatuarate the colors, even change the hue.  With some photos I may add elements from other photos, so that a photograph may be a blend of multipal images.

Next I may use a series of filters that allow you to 'render' the image--perhaps making it appear to be a watercolor or pastel drawing.

I feel it is important to differentiate my photographic art from my original paintings because for some, the original watercolor may be hard to distinguish from a photograph with filters applied.  Thus I refer  to my photography that has been manipulated to appear like a painting as 'Rendered Photography'.


An Original 'Rendered' Photograph

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