Old Orchard Beach #229

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Behind Every Picture Lies a Story...*

               And what is my story? Well, a long time ago in California in a little valley filled with orchards of various fruit trees (the remains of which is now known as 'Silicon Valley') there was a small town, Los Altos - where sat a little girl perched atop a bar stool in front of her father's easel. I spent many hours there as a child watching my father paint. He was a banker, and this was his hobby. Soon he had me, brush in hand, exploring the power of color, texture & different media.

Art remained a silent passion of childhood memories for me over the years as my husband and I raised our three children in New England.

Now that they've grown, time allows this passion to tell it's stories!

I hope you enjoy my pictures and the story each one has to tell!

*This Biography appears on the backs of some of the cards as noted and the Giclee' Prints.

Thank you,

Janeece Ford Chesbrough